Foreningen Danske Detektiver og erhvervsefterforskere - Association of Danish Detectives & Commercial Investigators

    Welcome to FDDE
    Association of Danish Detectives
    and Commercial investigators

    A national association founded in order to promote and maintain the highest ethical practices in the profession of private and commercial investigators.

    • To select for membership only those individuals and companies whose personal and professional backgrounds and business affiliations, have strictly observed the precepts of truth, accuracy and prudence.

    • To endeavour elimination of unreliable, incompetent and irresponsible members of the profession, and to further and establish a mutual feeling of trust, goodwill and friendship among the agencies and detectives.

    • To establish a board of renowned detectives, to handle any grievances, that might arise in connection with an investigation.

    • When you choose a member of FDDE for your investigative work, you are choosing a professional in their field, who works according to the association's code of ethics.

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