Ethical Rules


§ 1. General

The association’s ethical rules obligates any member, agency or business approved by the association to follow these rules and guidelines. Any violation of these rules made by a member will be seen as a violation made by the member and its contractor.

§ 2. Responsibility

As certain responsibility is expected by every member.

A responsibility to assure any costumer the best possible solution, matching the funds there is given to the concrete case. And a responsibility to present the best possible solution every time.

A responsibility towards the profession, by constantly participate to raise and guard the professional level in the business, and to be in forefront of the development – technological, educational and operational.

A responsibility to any costumers trust to the association, so any costumer feels safe by forwarding any personal info about themselves or others, and feels comfortable using any agent from the association.

A responsibility to act correct and objective towards the public, representing the association, the related agency/business and the profession.

A responsibility to the other members, not to discredit the profession and the association as a unit, or members of this by commenting on the professions behalf without the association’s approval.

A responsibility to always be en possession of authorisations, approvals or educations which is required by law, or which is required to legally perform the actual business.

§ 3. Confidence

Any member, former member or approved agency/business and its agents or former agents may never pass on confidential information or knowledge of any kind, which is obtained during an assignment for a existing or former costumer.

§ 4. Business ethics

A member must perform good business ethics – both what s announced from the association as well as general.

§ 5. Marketing

Members of the association must in any marketing uphold objectivity, responsibility and openness. Any member can use its membership of the association as a guarantee that he or his agency/business uphold these ethical rules and a certain professional standard. The agency/business may refer to the membership directly or indirect.

§ 6. Government responsibility

Members of the association has a special responsibility towards police, the court and other institutional partners within the profession. The responsibility means that members in best possible way must work close with these authorities, and secure that every law and norm, which is set up for the members, is fulfilled, maintained and controlled internal as well as external. This also concerns any subcontractors and suppliers. Beside this any member must participate to that the professional level and demands is maintained.

§ 7. Appeal board

The association has established an appeal board, which processes cases internal end external, violation of the ethical rules, and any other complaint regarding the association’s members. Complaints regarding violations of law or rules of the association must be forwarded to the appeal board, which processes the complaint as described in the associations articles. The complainant can first ask for a consultation, where members of the board, the complainant and the accused member will participate. The result of the appeal board cannot be appealed.

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