Foreningen Danske Detektiver og erhvervsefterforskere - Association of Danish Detectives & Commercial Investigators

Association of Danish Detectives & Commercial Investigators

§1 Name
The name of this association is:
Association of Danish Detectives and Business Investigators.
The association covers all Geographic’s of the Danish Kingdom.
The association’s address will at all times be the chairman of the association’s address.

§2 Purpose
This association’s purpose is:
1. Raise the standard and respect regarding and within this profession.
2. To generate a wider unity for or against any possible political initiatives.
3. To establish a continuous dialog between the branch, government and politicians.
4. To exchange experience on a professional level through an intern website and closed web forum.
5. Produce ethical rules within the profession.
6. To host relevant courses and meetings.
7. To maintain a functional board of appeal, containing relevant persons.
8. To counsel members in general legal questions.
9. To produce discussion documents regarding signing of insurance agreements.
10. To represent a serious dialog with all medias.
11. To process additional topics and suggestions submitted from members.

§3 Members
Any business, detective agency and persons with relevant relation to the security or investigative profession can be approved as a member in this association. The board of the association must approve any application.
Any member, who is not approved, will receive a written document containing the reason why the application is not approved. The members through a membership ballot can reconsider the decision.
Approval of new members will demand the association’s clearance. If 2/3 of the board, or minimum 3 members submits justifiable and documented objection of an application, it can be rejected. The members through a membership ballot can reconsider the decision.

§4 Membership fee
Amount of the membership fee and collection of this is adjusted on the annual meeting.

§5 Exclusion
If a member doesn’t renew her or his annual membership fee, the membership is cancelled. A member can be excluded of the association, if any illegal action or bad publicity regarding this association is being performed.

§6 Management
Board of the association consists of 5 persons, all elected on the annual meeting. The chairman, vice-chairman and cashier are elected for a 2-year period. Other members of the board only for a 1-year period. The board establish its own order of business, and is only competent to transact business if a majority of the board agrees. On voting’s in the board a simple voting majority is required. I case of any equality of votes, the chairman’s vote is decisive. The board can establish a committee. The committee refers to the board. The board can pass assignments to non-board members, and is able to hire paid help, or others if necessary.

§ 7 Accounts
The accounting year runs from the 1 of January to the 31 of December.

§ 8 Obligations
Obligations of the association is managed of the association’s assets. No other person has any personal responsibility

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